• AMT-50 Auto Metal Case Chamfering Machine

AMT-50 Auto Metal Case Chamfering Machine

Model : AMT-50

Operation : 
This oil seal metal case cutting machine is used for trimming and chamfering the edges of high volume formed metal cases in the production line.

  • Auto feed and auto trim.
  • This oil seal metal case machine cuts the bevel angle of plain face, outer bevel angle simultaneously.
  • Tolerances below 0.03mm.
  • Manually put metal case into vibration machine → Automatically choose side → Auto feed (by mechanical arm) → Fix position (clamping by mechanical arm) → Auto trim → stop → Auto work piece release (clamping by mechanical arm) → Next cycle.
  • Automated process reduces operator workload.
  • Automatically finish all operations in one cycle.It's easy to maintain through simple design in mechanism.

AMT-50 Fully Automatic Metal Case Trimming Machine

Power Motor 2HP+ 5kg electromagnetic clutch brake
Weight (kgs) 700
Dimensions (cm) 130(L) x 100(W) x 180(H)
Cutting range (mm) O.D. 20 -50
Shaft speed (rpm) 1700, 2100
Output (pcs/min) 5-8
Controller PLC + HMI

Other Description : 
Spring Making Machine / Vacuum Forming Machine / Vulcanizing Machine / Rubber Curing Press / Compression Molding Machine.

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