• ANR-40-S Auto servo type  oil seal trimming machine

ANR-40-S Auto servo type oil seal trimming machine

Model : ANR-40-S

The machine attaches with the CNC controller to automatically cut multi flashes of the circle rubber parts at a time.

  • Auto load, trim, and unload the seal.
  • The vacuum generator will suck the oil seal through the mold during the cutting period to get the best cutting precision. 
  • There are many cutting mode for the user to choose. To cut multi flashes at a time.
  • The operator can easily control the cutting approaching speed and cutting distance on touch screen to reach the best cutting quality.
  • Cutting position saves in the memory. No need to manually fine tune cutting position. Easily change the oil seal from one to one.
  • The sensor will detect if the tip of knife is wear or broken.
  • At the end there must be a counter to count the good seals, after the machine counts the set number the machine will stop with an alarm.
  • For each stroke of knife there should be a counter to monitor the life of Knife, after the machine counts the set number, the machine should stop automatically for changing the knife with an alarm. 

          ANR-40-S Auto servo type  oil seal trimming machine

Cutting tange (mm) O.D.10-40
Spindle totation speed(rpm) Adjustable
Tooling pad size(mm) φ 25 and φ 79
Left cutting angle                     30° - 70°
Right cutting angle 0° - 90°
Number of knives 1
Knife blade size (mm) 1.6 X 3.3
Spindle TIR (mm) 0.02(max)
Cutting accuracy (mm) 0.02(max)
Controller PLC + color HMI + CNC 
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