• ATAS-20-V Valve Stem Seal Trimming & Spring Loading Machine

ATAS-20-V Valve Stem Seal Trimming & Spring Loading Machine

Valve Stem Seal Trimming & Spring Loading Machine
Model : ATAS-20-V

Operation : 
This oil seal machine is especially suitable for trimming the edge and spring loading of large volume valve seals.

  • Auto feeding, trimming, spring loading and collecting most of the trimmed flash.
  • This oil seals machine avoids imprecise cutting because the central point is static while the spindle is rotating.
  • The robot grabs the valve seal to precisely fit it on the central point of the mold on the spindle.
  • Vibrating tray vibrates the valve seal to appropriate location.
  • Magnet rotator feeds the garter spring to appropriate location. Compared to the traditional machine, the spring does not stop on the track of the feeding device.
  • The tooling is pulled fast by the air cylinder to combine the valve seal with the spring.
  • This spring loading machine will check if the garter spring is being correctly loaded by metal probe.
  • This oil seals machine designs with advanced mechanical and electrical drive system to compact machine size.
  • The garter spring is fed and loaded in a vertical position to avoid loading failure.
  • The oil seal machine sorts the inspected parts for good parts and defects. It will reduce the cost of the quality inspection.

Valve Seal Trimming and Spring Loading Machine

Weight (kgs)   460
Dimensions (cm) 100(L) × 190(W) × 190(H)
Capacity (pcs/min) 7-12 (Approx.)
Spindle speed (rpm) 2800
Cutting angle 30° - 70°
Number of knives 1
Tooling pad size (mm) φ 32 or φ 79
Knife blade size (mm) 3×3 or 3×1.8 or 5×1.8
Magnet rotator size (mm) 130
Vibrating tray size (mm) 400
Motor 1/2 HP
Clutch brake 1kg single-flange solenoid
Controller PLC + HMI + mechanical probe