• KS-1 Knife Grinding Machine

KS-1 Knife Grinding Machine

Operation : 
This machine is used for grinding the blade.

  • The water cooling system will cool down the grinding temperature to avoid the overheating of the blade.
  • The gear handle and double slides help the operator to orientate the blade précising and easily.
  • Easy operation. Grinding of blade is fast & precise.

KS1  Knife Grinding Machine

Weight (kgs) 200
Dimensions (cm) 80(L) × 80(W) × 180(H)
Cooling system 1/8 Hp Water pump & Filter
Motor 1/2 Hp
Spindle speed (rpm, 60Hz) 3400(60Hz power input)
Orientation device Slide & gear handle
Operating way Reciprocating
Knife blade size (mm) 3×3mm
Diamond wheel 125D-15W-2X-25H-3holes