About G-WAY

   Customized Oil Seal and Rubber Processing Machine 

G-WAY specializes in the only supplier in Taiwan for total solution of automation of rubber parts production lines. If you're looking for equipment for automation of the oil seal manufacturing machine such as vision inspection/sorting machine, oil seal spring making machines or rubber vulcanization molding machine, G-WAY offers a wide range of machines to meet your production requirements, including rubber compression moulding machine, oil seal garter spring making machine and auto oil seal trimming machine.


G-WAY was founded by a group of family engineers who are experts in the design of automation equipment. We are able to provide customized systems according to the needs of the client and form the analysis of the process and prototype using 3D-CAD technology. Standardized manufacturing, repeated performance testing before delivery and quality control free of defects; We proudly present our mechanical performance. Each G-WAY machine is therefore the sum of our excellent engineering capabilities.


When G-WAY started manufacturing deburring machines and spring driven machines, it was our principle to provide reliability and great automation performance for the rubber parts and oil seal industry, and we keep this spirit to this day. That is why our products have enjoyed the trust of our customers and have a big marketing share in Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, USA, the Middle East and Taiwan.


Choose G-WAY: what you get is not just high quality machines and reliability! We provide a complete technical solution that includes pre-sales consultation, discussion of specifications and design, operator training on delivery and after-sales maintenance, carried out by experienced G-WAY technicians. Your G-WAY machine will maximize your savings and your competitive advantage.