• LT-2 Vertical type life test machine

LT-2 Vertical type life test machine

Model : LT-2

Operation : 
This machine applies the pressure to the rubber parts like the shock absorber, seals, bush and bumper to test the durability.

  • The operator adjusts the cam to change the moving stroke. And the press holds down the testing parts to test it.
  • The motor drives the cam to move the parts up and down while testing.
  • There are many different running speeds, temperatures, testing time and moving stroke for operator to choose.
  • The test data is saved in the memory device and can be readout by computer for further analysis purpose.

Vertical type life testing machine

Weight (kgs) 600
Dimensions (cm) 90(L) × 85(W) × 165(H)
Pressure (kg) 300(MAX)
Stroke (mm) 1-100
Rotation speed(Hz) 0.5-5.0
Motor 5HP × 1
Part's height (mm) 100(max)
Controller PLC+HMI

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