MT-150 / MT-380 Metal Case Trimming Machine

Product Description

Metal Case Trimming Machine

Product Feature

Operation :
This oil seal metal case machine is used for trimming and chamfering the edges of formed metal cases.

  • Manual feed and auto trim
  • To cut the height and angle simultaneously
  • Automatically finishes all operations in one cycle. The cutting speed is much quicker than lathe.

Product Specification

MT-150 / MT-380 Metal Case Trimming Machine

MODEL MT-150 MT-380
Power Motor 2HP+ 10kg
electromagnetic clutch brake
Motor 3HP+ 20kg
electromagnetic clutch brake
Weight (kgs) 480 600
Dimensions (cm) 120(L) x 60(W) x 160(H) 100(L) x 80(W) x 175(H)
Cutting range (mm) O.D. 40 -150 O.D. 110 -380
Shaft speeds (rpm) 650, 1150, 1950 520, 880, 1390
Capacity (pcs/min) 5-16 6-10
Tolerance (µm) 30
Controller PLC + Hydraulic unit (2HP)

Other Description :
Spring Machine / Rubber Molding Machine / Rubber Vulcanization Molding Machine / Curing Press / Rubber Compression Machine.