• NCHL-120 Rubber Parts Optical Measuring Machine

NCHL-120 Rubber Parts Optical Measuring Machine

Rubber Parts Optical Measuring Machine
Model : NCHL-120

Operation :
This vision system is designed with visual measuring CCD and it's suitable to measure the dimension of the oil seal, oil seal spring, o-ring, metal case, rubber bottle cap, bush and all kinds of the circle rubber parts.

  • The machine has a superior measurement compared with the Microview or conventional 2D equipments.
  • The operator manually put the rubber parts on the measured plate. Then operator will get the result in 1 sec.
  • The camera together with the lens automatically acquire the image and transfer to the PLC and display the measures.
  • To measure dimension of the different color rubber parts.
  • The operator sets the machine with the parameters and the tolerances, as a result, he obtains a complete counting report of the good parts and the defects.
  • The statistic can be saved in the USB device for computer analysis purpose.
  • The machine guarantees a perfect repeatability of the checks and traceability of the inspected batches.
  • It doesn't need much training for the operator since it's different from the general vision system; anyone can learn how to use it easily.