• NR-100 Vacuum Type Oil Seal Trimming Machine

NR-100 Vacuum Type Oil Seal Trimming Machine

Model : NR-100

Operation : 
This oil seal trimming machine is used for cutting the flash of the oil seals.

  • Manual feed and auto trim.
  • The vacuum will suck the oil seal through the mold during the cutting period.
  • There are many cutting mode for the user to choose. To cut the inner and outer flash simultaneously.
  • The flash separator and blowing plate will separate the flash from the trimmed seals to shorten the processing time.

Vacuum Type Oil Seal Trimming Machine

Weight (kgs) 280
Dimensions (cm) 90(L) × 90(W) × 190(H)
Cutting range (mm) O.D. 8 -100
Spindle speed (rpm) 2800
Capacity (pcs/min)  12-20 (Approx.)
Tooling pad size (mm) φ 32 and φ 79
cutting angle 30° - 70°
Cutting speed 2 stages, adjustable
Number of knives 2
Knife blade size (mm) 3×3 or 3×1.8 or 5×1.8
Motor 1/2 HP
Brake 1.0kgfm clutch brake 
Controller PLC

Other Description : 
Oil Seal Trimming Machine / Oil Seal Cutting Machine / Seal Cutting Machine / Rubber Trimming Machine