WNR-200-A / WNR-200-H Oil Seal and Metal Case Rolling Machine

Product Feature

Operation : 
This machine is used for combining oil seal with the metal case.

  • High speed air cylinder pump action and low speed rolling, it will get the best rolling quality with more efficiency.
  • The user can choose either the hydraulic cylinder or air cylinder.

Product Specification

Oil Seal and Metal Case Rolling Machine

Weight (kgs) 300 430
Dimensions (cm) 100(L) × 100(W) × 190(H) 114(L) × 135(W) × 197(H)
Drive device Pneumatic cylinder Hydraulic cylinder
Metal case range (mm) O.D. 20-300
Right curling angle 30°~70°
Vertical curling angle 90°
Spindle rotation speed (rpm) Adjustable
Number of bearing 2
Bearing size (mm) φ42
Tooling pad size (mm) φ100
Capacity (pcs/min) 12-20 (Approx.)
Motor 3 HP, Clutch Motor
Controller PLC

Other Description :
Metal Rolling Equipment / Rubber Seals Machinery / Seal Parts Machine / Rubber Seals Processing Machinery / Seal Parts Processing Machine.