CRT-50-6-2 Rotary Type Rubber Parts Trimming Machine

Product Feature

Operation :
This machine is used for cutting the flash of soft rubber parts such as valve steam seals, cups, UV packings, and other soft rubber parts.

  • Manual feed and auto trim.
  • The vacuum generator will suck the rubber parts through the mold during the cutting period.
  • Easy Adjustment. Changing of products is fast & easy.
  • Various cutting modes & cutting angle for customer selection.
  • Productivity determined by machine and not the operator. In short productivity is controllable.

Product Specification

CRT-50-6-2 / CRT-50-6-3
Rotary Type Rubber Parts Trimming Machine

MODEL CRT-50-6-2 CRT-50-6-3
Weight (kgs) 450 500
Dimensions (cm) 120(L) × 90(W) × 170(H)
Number of the cutters 2 3
Part range (mm) O.D. 8-50
Number of workstations 6
Driver Inde×table
Spindle speed (rpm) 1700
Vacuum generator CV-20HS×2
Motor 1/2HP×2
Capacity (pcs/min) 14-20(Approx.)
Controller PLC + HMI