• SF-101 Oil Seal Garter Spring Coiling Machine

SF-101 Oil Seal Garter Spring Coiling Machine

Oil seal garter spring coiling machine
Model : SF-101

Operation :

          This garter spring coiling machine coils the wire into the garter spring

  • Machine stops automatically when miss touched and coils to identify bad springs.
  • Use CNC 2 axes controller complying with high speed servo motors to fix coiling position easily.
  • Standardized cams and specified cutting tools enable fast adjust the coiling wire diameter.
  • Wire feeding length and spring coiling diameter are changed easily and quickly. All operation modes are clearly shown at the control panel.
  • Easy operation and precision control.

SF-101 Spring Coiling Machine

Weight (kgs) 350
Dimensions (cm) 90(L) × 90(W) × 150(H)
Wire dia. Range (mm) 0.18 -0.7
Max. coiling dia. (mm) 5.0
Min. coiling dia. (mm) 0.9
Max. feeding length Un-limited
Capacity (pcs/min, coiling length = 50mm) 60
Max. feeding speed (m/min) 140
Motor Servo Motor x 2
Controller CNC (IPC)

Other Description : 
Rubber Seals Spring Loaded / Valve Seals Spring Loading / Oil Seals Machinery / Rubber Seals Machine / Valve Seals Processing Machinery.