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OASA-20 / OASA-40 / OASA-60 Oil Seal Spring Loading, Dimension Measuring Machine

  • Operation : 
    This oil seal machine is especially suitable for loading springs with large volume oil seals.

    • The operator picks an oil seal as a sample and measures the dimension by 2D or 3D instrument. Then sets the measured dimension in the HMI as a sample dimension to teach the PLC how to check the measuring parts.
    • The operator sets the machine with the standard parameters and the tolerances in HMI.
    • Vibrating tray vibrates the oil seal to the appropriate location.
    • Magnet rotator/Vibrating tray feeds the spring to the appropriate location.
    • The tooling is pulled by the air cylinder to combine the oil seal with the spring.
    • It will check if the spring is correctly loaded bythe metal probe.
    • The CCD camera will measure dimension of the I.D./O.D. of the spring loaded seals.
    • The machine sorts the parts for good parts and defects.
    • At the end there must be a counter to count the good seals, after the machine counts the set number the machine will stop with an alarm.
  • OASA-20 / OASA-40 / OASA-60
    Oil Seal Spring Loading and Dimension Measuring Machine

    Weight(kgs) 280
    Dimensions (cm) 60 (L) X 80(W) X 180(H)
    Size of spring feeder (mm) 135 (Magnet rotator) 135 (Magnet rotator) 300 (Vibrating tray)
    Size of seal feeder (mm) 400 (Vibrating tray) 400 (Vibrating tray) 500 (Vibrating tray)
    Oil seal range (mm) O.D.8-20 O.D.20-40 O.D.40-60
    Spring range (mm) Max. 32
    Capacity (pcs/min) 11-18 (Approx.)
    Inspection field size (mm) 90 X 72
    CCD resolution (pixels) 1280 X 1024
    Max. part's O.D. (mm) 60
    part's height (mm) 1.2-15
    Measurement repeatability (µm) 30
    Controller PLC + HMI + CCD Camera

    Other Description :
    Molding Press / Rubber Vacuum Forming Machine / Vulcanizing Molding Machine / Vacuum Molding Machine / Rubber Compression Molding Machine.